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Spelgrossen.se is part of Gammon Games Ltd

In 2002, somewhere in Stockholm. A backgammon enthusiast build a small web store to cater SBGF (Swedish backgammon federation) members need for backgammon boards and other related products; gammon.se was born!

Eventually the webshop grew and other traditional games such as chess, go and mahjong, joined the lineup. The orders were many and when the need for warehousing and logistics arose, Gammon.se opened a physical store in central Stockholm and webstore became an company Gammon Games Ltd was founded.

Concepts such as "fast delivery", "secure payment" "great customer service" and "quality-controlled product" was the company's Bible and brand. Today, Gammon Games Ltd owns over 10 online stores and is one of the largest in Europe in terms of board games and sport hobbies for both indoors and outdoors. Nowdays Gammon Games Ltd have customers allover the world, America in the West and Asia and Australia in the east.

GameWholeSaler is alone in the world where consumers can shop in wholesale prices; GameWholeSaler.com was born!

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