Domino is a beloved classic tile-based game for two to four players.

The domino tiles are placed on the table with the pips (spots) facing up and shuffled. Every player draws the same number of tiles. Then, the dominoes which were drawn are placed in turns. The dominoes can only be placed against tiles with a matching number of pips. The winner is the player who first plays all of his dominoes.

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Domino set in Cassette EXCLUSIVE 3625
Domino set in box, EAN 4014156036253 Domino set in wooden box made of olivewood and birch. Domino..
Ex Tax: 260.00kr
Domino set in Cassette STANDARD 3626
Domino set in box, EAN 4014156036260 Domino set in wooden box, dark brown stained. Domi..
Ex Tax: 200.00kr
Domino set in Cassette TRADITIONAL 3265
Domino set in box, EAN 4014156032651 Domino set in traditional design. Cassette and pieces m..
Ex Tax: 144.00kr
Domino set in plastic bag TRAVELING 3600
Domino set in bag, EAN 4014156036000 Domino set in plastic bag with handle. Domino pieces of Urea..
Ex Tax: 132.00kr
Domino set Wooden box DRAWER XL
Domino set in box, EAN 4014156036031 XL Domino set in traditional design. Big cassette and pieces..
Ex Tax: 300.00kr
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